Who we are: ContiTech Barneveld

ContiTech in Netherlands

ContiTech Barneveld consists of a professional team that manages all technical products of ContiTech. The ContiTech products can be divided in the following main groups: conveyor belt systems, Automotive drive belts, coated fabrics, Industrial air spring systems, Field Bladders and rubber Hoses.

Furthermore we represent a number of additional product lines, as for example couplings and pumps. Because of the variety in the business area s, all product groups are clearly divides amongst the staff members. Everyone is the specialist in its own area of ContiTech products.

Under “contact and service” you can find the specialists of each product area. The team exists of motivated, well qualified employees, who have as main target to fulfill the customers whishes, by offering ContiTech products and by giving customers solutions in every possible situation. Products of premium quality, present professional knowledge and a very high service level are herewith important point of supports.

ContiTech Barneveld – ContiTech in Netherlands